The bar

Those works are a reflection about a bar /.

This object has a double function: in one hand, when it is open, it permits the way; when it is closed it blocks the access. This object moves itself into a space. It is up or down and it represents two different concepts in relation to its state: open or closed. I chose this material for my drawings not because of its physical properties but because of its function in opening or closing a cardboard box. I feel that a particular moment is when the bar leaves its support. In that moment we have a change of its state. One object becomes two and two objects become one. I put an egg on the support. The egg is a promise of life, so I try to save this promise in different ways. Not always we can see the egg: for this reason sometime we have to go out from our system of reference, like a bar that goes out from the drawing. ( Angelo Morandini )

TitoloThe BarAnno2007LuogoTrento

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