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Demitri Morandini was born in Trento, Italy in 1975. He is a conceptual visual artist focused into language and social relations. Master’s degree in Philosophy; University of Verona 2005; Diploma in Information Technology ; Business Academy Trento 2001; Diploma; Galileo Galilei Scientific High School of Trento 1995. Private lessons in painting in studio of Maestro Sergio Debon in Pieve di Cadore (Belluno). His artistic interests and activities into the field of conceptual art began after the meeting and friendship with Cuban artist Diango Hernàndez. During his creative journey Morandini is exploring themes on language as a conceptual subject through several means as digital arts, video, performances, automatic drawings, paintings and kinetic, sound and /or light installations. Thought the years he is focused his creative research into the relations between language and its instruments of use, altering their balance and functions to create conceptual harmony or dissonances, through accumulation and/or obsession, creating one or many new realities. Part of his art communication code is his interested about relational art, discovering new way to express the social relations and exchange of information ( the interactive project “Le tele sociali ”(the social canvases) and the research project under theme of manipulation as conceptual subject – “11 principi “ project (11 principles). The art works and conceptual projects of Morandini have been presented in Italy and in abroad, as following are the selected recent exhibitions, festivals and projects : Atlas Curae project, curated by Francesca Piersanti & Veronica Bellei (Palace ExPoste, Trento, Italy, 2020); “Crazy Pink Propaganda”, curated by Dora Bulart, solo exhibition at Galleria Contempo ( Pergine di Trento, Italy 2020); Fragile Babilonia, Combat Art prize 2020 (nomitation; catalogue); “Robotic Man”, video installation at Villa Brentano (Milano); “Il Germogliatore” solo project, curated by Anna Casagranda (MART – Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Rovereto ), Palace of Albere;Trento, 2018); “I TRY TO DRAW A FLIGHT”, video installation project, curated by Federico Mazzonelli (MAG – Alto Garda Museum, Riva del Garda (Trento), 2015); “Scanning the tattoo on Baudelaire’s forehead”, curated by M. Vallebona, solo exhibition at Aboutness Contemporary Art Gallery, Genoa, 2013; “Dialogo d’identità” ( Identity dialogue), social canvas project at Arts University of Bahia, Brazil ; video art project for MANIFESTA 7 ( collateral; Trento, 2008) ecc. He won prizes for art residences and public art projects in Italy and Portugal. His art works are part of public collections in Italy and in abroad, most important of them are at Centro de Interpretação do Carvalho de Calvos, in Portugal; Land Art park in Ledro (Trento, Italy); collection of the municipality of Borgo Valsugana (Trento) and in private collections in Italy and Germany . Since 2019 Angelo Demitri Morandini is presented by the galleria Contempo (Pergine di Trento, Italy). Lives and works at Caldonazzo (Trento), Italy.


2005 Master’s degree in Philosophy at the University of Verona, Italy
2001 Diploma in information Technology, Business Academy, Trento; Specialization course of the European Social Fund; certificate
1995 Diploma. Galileo Galilei Scientific High School; Trento Courses
2019 Pergine Valsugana (TN); RG Foundation; Galleria Contempo, Art management, curated by Dora Bulart.
2011 Trento; Galleria Civica; “Workshop Relational and immaterial art, outside art, underground art” curated by Cesare Pietroiusti; Trento; Galleria Civica; “Art in the public space / public art” curated by Alberto Garutti; Trento; Galleria Civica; “A Long Time Between Suns”, curated by di The Otolith Group: multicultural scenarios of contemporary society, between the local dimension and globalization;


2016 Portugal; Calvos, Centro de Interpretação do Carvalho; “UR BAN SEEDING VS NATURE”, curated by M. Rosa, installation
2013 Ledro (Trento), Ledro Land Art project, curated by M. Rosa; “Alambicco Sonoro”, site specific sound installation.

Solo exhibitions ( selected )

2020 Pergine Valsugana (Trento), Galleria Contempo, Crazy Pink Propaganda, curated by Dora Bulart; light, soun and kinetic installations, painting
2019 Borgo Valsugana (Trento), Park of Peace; “Social canvas” – interactive project by relational art, curated by Giuliana Gilli
2013 Genova, Aboutness Contemporary Art Gallery, “Scanning the tattoo on Baudelaire’s forehead”, curated by M. Vallebona, video installations, digital prints
2012 Trento, Idea’s Space, “NO-MADE ROOM”, curated by Francesca Quadrelli & Layla Betty, site specific installation
2012 Trento, Andromeda art gallery, “OOO: Out Of Office”, curated by Luigi Penasa e Francesca Piersanti, sculpture, drawings.

Curatorial projects (selected)

2020 Trento, Palace EXPoste, Atlas Curae project,curated by Francesca Piersanti and Veronica Bellei
2018 Trento, Parco delle Albere, “Il Germogliatore”, curated by Annalisa Casagranda in collaboration with Mart – Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Rovereto
2015 Riva del Garda (Trento), MAG – Alto Garda Museum, Der Blitz curatorial project, “I TRY TO DRAW A FLIGHT”, curated by Federico Mazzonelli, video installation
2012 Trento, Upload Art Project, “Le parole che non ti ho detto”, curated by Federico Mazzonelli, installazion, video
2012 Pergine (Trento), Pergine Spettacolo Aperto – International Festival; “Il Germogliatore”, installation, object ( prize)
2010 Brazil , Bahia, Arts University, “Dialogo d’identità” project of relational art
2010 Trento, University of Trento, Sociology department; VIIth annual meeting of the Italian Society of Cognitive Sciences; “Binary chain”, curated by Marco Cruciani, video installation.
2010 Trento, University of Trento; Sociology department; “The bar”, curated by Francesca Quadrelli, video
2009 Mezzocorona (Trento), CRAM – Art Research Centre, “To swear” La prova di DIO, curated by David Tomasi, performance
2008 Trento, City Art Gallery ( Galleria civica), MANIFESTA7 , “Matrici Affini”, curated by Fabio Cavallucci, video installation ; (collateral)

Collective exhibitions (selected)

2020 Busto Garolfo (Milano), Villa Brentano, “Robotic Man”, video.
2016 Trento, Lodron Palace, Bivacco collettive, “In viaggio” interactive project in relational art
2016 Trento, Bookique space, “Se tu fossi con me”; audio installation
2012 Genova, ABOUTNESS Contemporary Art Gallery, “The limits of control in the dynamism of labyrinthine pattern formation”, curated by Maurizio Vallebona, digital art
2011 Coredo, City Park, “Art Terapy “interactive project, curated by Gabriele Lorenzoni
2011 Denno, Saint Agnese Church, “La ricerca dell’assoluto” (A) – TenTaTo , curated by di Pietro Weber, installation
2011 Val di Sole (Trento), Molino Ruatti, “AQUAE” Titanic: Uno sguardo sull’acqua dei precari, curated by David A. Angeli, installation.
2011 Roveretom, University of Cognitive Sciences, “Codex vitae”, curated by M. Tomasi & Francesca Bacci, drawings, video
2011 Villa Lagarina (Trento), Palazzo Libera, “Sebben che siamo Donne”, curated by Angela Madesani, Antonio Cossu, installation, video
2010 Bolzano, KunstArt, Intersection curatorial project, Il Pontecontemporanea Art Gallery, curated by David Tomasi
2009 Milano, Orea Malià gallery, curated by Marco Orea, installations, paintings.
2009 Cles (Trento), Palazzo Assessorile, “Oltre il muro” “1|2”, curatd by Gabriele Lorenzoni, installation
2009 Bolzano, KunstArt, Modern Contemporary Art review, “Omaggio a Searle”, video installation


2013 Ledro (Trento), Ledro Land Art project, “Alambicco Sonoro”, sound installation; residence
2012 Pergine (Trento), Pergine Spettacolo Aperto – International Festival; “Open Project” programme; “Il Germogliatore”
2012 Udine, Teatro San Giorgio, SQUARE project “Manifesto futurista in Leoncavallo”, curated by F. Agostinelli

Public Collections

2019 Collection of Municipality of Borgo Valsugana, Comunità Valsugana e Tesino, “Tela Sociale”, canvas
2016 Collection of Minicapality of Caldonazzo, “la Balena blu”, installation
2016 Portugal, Calvos, Centro de Interpretação do Carvalho; “URBAN SEEDING VS NATURE”, installation
2013 Collection of Municipality of Ledro (Trento) , park of Ledro Land Art, “Alambicco Sonoro”, audio installation