In my artistic researches I follow my philosophical and scientific studies and investigations, based on language as a conceptual subject. My works are often in equilibrium between causality and control. My instruments of communication are automatic drawings, paintings, kinetic, sound or light installations; digital art, video o performance. In my installations I use often pens, pencils, office stuffs as the leading objects (materials) to main subject. Movement or absence of movement is a part of the game. In my paintings the acrylic is a flat, and the spray breaks the harmony and the innocence. The works are a reminiscent of geographies; they are the maps, where things and people are in constant movement and transformations. Since 2013 I investigate the social relations through the “social canvas” it is an interactive way to draw under variable surfaces ( canvas or walls) the personal “geographic” maps about the social relationships between the people, involved in the project, who are usually from different social levels or internal small closed social group . United by special chosen sociological criteria (colleagues, friends, family, artists, prisoners, migrants, women, children with disabilities ecc). Part of my creative work is the research of manipulation as a conceptual object and its reflection on information technologies and social media. “It happens that in the same space live traces of different, contrasting ideologies, incompatible thoughts. My works are simply an invitation to possibility.” Angelo Demitri Morandini